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Day 4: Our Last Day of Camp, and the Beginning of a New End!

Well, the last day is here with us, and I cannot stress enough just how bad I feel about leaving camp once again. I feel that leaving this wonderful place will bring nostalgia, sooner rather than later, and I dread it. Even so, our last day began with great fun, and everybody woke up knowing that they had to give their all for the children.

The day was all about the children perfecting what they had to present in front of their parents/guardians. Parents/guardians you ask? Well, since this was the last day, the parents/guardians were required to come and see what their children had learned the whole week, and what they could do with the skills they developed along the way. Every class had prepared something to present to the audience (for example: dances, songs, drama, spoken word, etc.).  All the children spent the entire morning in class, perfecting and readying their presentations.

After lunch, we all assembled in the hall, where the parents and guardians had already arrived. Time sped up after that, as always, since time flies when you’re having fun! The first presentations were from the younger classes, followed by the middle classes, and then the upper classes. The most interesting presentation was by the High-Schoolers, as they performed a drama about societal issues, ranging from HIV/AIDS, unwanted pregnancies, and children being chased away by their parents. The students well executed this drama, with each one of them enacting their roles perfectly. After the presentations, rewards were presented to the best performing students in the class.

Finally, the day ended with, of course, cake! Cake meant the end of camp, and it was an eye-opening experience to think about how quickly all the lessons and time spent together ended. The whole week was just amazing, we all came to camp not knowing what to expect, but now, we are leaving, wishing for more!

Is this the end? No! It is just the beginning!

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