To positively transform the lives of children from impoverished communities by upholding their dignity through holistic child development programs. DCI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.



The word "dignity" is defined as 1. "conduct indicative of self-respect" and 2. "nobility or elevation of character, worthiness".
Dignity is at the core of all of our actions at Dignified Children International.
Dignity with a purpose. Dignity with a heart. Self-respect, character, worthiness and dignity have always been a part of our vision and mission statement at Dignified Children International. It is in our DNA. We always put the child first. It is what we do.


DCI aims to create a haven for children, one where they can discover and enhance their talents and gifts. We want to provide all children with the opportunity to contribute their unique visions and abilities towards improving their communities – and their own lives.

As change agents, we aim to achieve our vision through an intentional and purposeful approach that will incorporate the following: tri-annual camps, access to quality early childhood care, education, and life skills development training, as well as mentor-ship programs that work to promote equal opportunities for poor and vulnerable children. Your support is critical as we embark on this mission. 


"Every child has a dream and should be given the opportunity to realize that dream."​ - Phoebe Maina

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