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Our Story So Far...

Dignified Children International was founded in 2013 after Phoebe Maina had witnessed first-hand the hardships and injustices suffered by the most vulnerable children when she was growing up in Kenya.

In the years since, DCI has become a haven for those children where they have the freedom to discover and enhance their talents and gifts. Every child is given the opportunity to contribute their unique vision and abilities towards improving their communities - and their own lives.

This has been achieved through running activities such as tri-annual camps, life-skills development training as well as early childhood education and mentorship programmes.

But this is just the beginning. We are working hard to expand access to existing programmes while launching exciting new projects like our gender-based violence initiative and football club.


The work doesn't stop until every vulnerable child is given the opportunity to develop into a healthy and empowered adult. Are you ready to join us on this journey?



"Every child has a dream and should be given the opportunity to realize that dream."​ - Phoebe Maina

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