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Gender-Based Violence Programme...

Our recently launched online platform is leading the way in the fight against sexual and physical gender-based violence in Kenya.


As a crime that mostly affects women and young girls, the number of reported cases has continued to rise. It can take many forms including physical, psychological and sexual harm. Usually carried out by a partner or close relative, there has been a sharp increase in the number of incidents since the start of the current pandemic. This means that an increasing number of children are caught in the crossfire and are experiencing additional suffering and hardship.


Through our new GBV initiative we are bucking this trend through interactive learning and discussion with high school teenagers. By focusing on the next generation we hope to end the cycle of broken children who become dysfunctional adults and repeat the same behaviour themselves.


Now is the time to act. We need to put an end to this crime and the unnecessary misery it causes countless children each year. Are you with us?!

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