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We love to run events for the most vulnerable children in Kenya. Be it our art class, girls camp, football club or summer holiday camp - we live for them!

These activities provide the children with a much needed distraction and relief from their often very stressful home environments. Instead of being forced to work in dangerous jobs or beg for money to support their families - they can just be kids.

Interested in helping us with our next event?! Fill out the contact form.

Upcoming Events:

Christmas Children's Camp December 2023

Week-long camp held in Tambaya village, December 4th-9th

Camp Theme: My Tomorrow Starts Today!!! 

Event Page Photo One.JPG

April 2018

DCI Childrens Camp

Apr 9, 2018 - Apr 13, 2018

Kidogo, Kibera, Kenya

Event Page Photo Two.JPG

December 2019

DCI Camp innovate

December 9, 2019-December 13, 2019

Tambaya, Kenya

Event Page Photo Three.JPG

August 2018

DCI August Camp

Aug 13, 2018 - Aug 18, 2018

Tambaya, Kenya

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