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Our Football Club...

The DCI football club for vulnerable boys and girls was launched last year in partnership with the Acakoro Football Academy.

The club is centred in Tambaya village secondary school and is open to children from there and the poverty-stricken Korogocho slum. It was originally started as a 'football mashinani' project providing a much needed escape from the negative peer pressure vulnerable children were facing on a daily basis.


Now as a fully fledged football team it offers emotional support and encouragement to its members helping them to develop coping strategies to relieve the extreme stress caused by crippling poverty as they transition into adulthood. 

In addition to offering support to at-risk children between the ages of 6-18 years old, the club also provides:


  • Help securing sports scholarships for talented children.

  • Access to professional football training for all participants.

  • Help in facilitating participation in tournaments across the country.

  • A safe environment for children to develop their social skills. 



Could you help the most vulnerable children achieve their potential? Get in touch now!

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