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Tambaya Village...

Tambaya is a small village in the Central Province of Kenya and has a population of around 3,500 people.

The village has six sub-villages. It is located on a steep slope which borders the fast flowing Gura river. Though the area is agricultural in nature, the land owned by individual families is too small for food production. Therefore its people cannot rely on farming to support themselves and their families.  

Most people have casual jobs at the local coffee factory and make KSH 150 or about $1 USD per day. This makes it hard for families to put bread on the table everyday. Most of the children in the village have absent or drunken fathers who barely support their families. The others have parents who have died of HIV/AIDS, leaving them with elderly grandparents who are unable to work. 

For those children lucky enough to go to school, the pressure to drop out early is very high. This often forces young girls to turn to prostitution and boys to get into drinking illicit brew and using drugs. 

We are working hard to change lives in this small village - but we cannot do it alone. Your support could make all the difference!

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