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A week for fun and healing! Day 2 of DCI's April 2022 Camp

It is already the second day of our April children's camp. What an amazing experience we've had so far! About two hundred children have come out for the camp, all with different backgrounds and stories to tell! Ten facilitators with varying professional backgrounds have been on site setting up since Sunday in an effort to help us deliver the best possible experience for all during camp.

Our facilitators have also done a wonderful job of encouraging our youth to open up and share their stories and testimonies, which we know can be very difficult for them to do, but also very healing. The pandemic has made many of our children's circumstances more severe, making this camp quite unique and of the utmost importance for those in the most

vulnerable situations. Every facilitator has

found the children's resilience inspiring, and all feel they have already learned so much from each child's personal experiences. In one interesting case, a young girl of less than 18 years old shared that she had two boyfriends, which definitely caught the group's attention. Needless to say, we had to further explore the definition of "boyfriend" after this! We feel grateful that so many of our youth feel comfortable enough to share their stories, and that we were able to create a safe space for everyone to have conversations like these with each other!

We are looking forward to more engaging discussions and a successful week of camp ahead!

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