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A Cause Close to My Heart, Forever Grateful!

Another incredible week of camp has ended, and I cannot believe how quickly it flew by! I have been volunteering with DCI throughout two camps now, and I am still so in love with Phoebe's passion and determination to provide children around, and within, Nairobi, Kenya, with a safe place to learn, grow, and play! As you can see from the photo (that is me skyping from the laptop, a heart-warming experience that I will never forget) that I have had to volunteer from afar, but you can bet that I am going to try my hardest to be at the next camp! This year, over 240 children attended the 2017 DCI December camp, and with Phoebe's great love, strength, and faith, even more will be at the next camp! I couldn't be more inspired by DCI, by the beautiful children at these camps, and those all throughout Kenya. 

To quote the amazing Phoebe,  "Every child has a dream and should be given the opportunity to realize that dream."

I couldn't agree more, and I cannot wait to continue my work with DCI in the journey to make those words a reality! I am so thankful for these opportunities and experiences, and to be able to watch this organization thrive. Here is to the next DCI Camp!

​With Love and the Deepest Gratitude,

​Emily Thomas

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