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Day 2: Creativity and Problem Solving!

A dull day? Never!!

Like a day should always start, lovely and beautiful, the day started off with a bang! Devotion was swift, as teachers in the different classes ensured that the word of God was the first thing the students would hear. The children were excited to listen to the word of God, and to appreciate God’s love, which was portrayed by the death of Jesus Christ.

​It was all a get go after the devotion, as students rushed back to their classes, eager to continue with where they had left off the previous day. The topic of the day, “creativity and problem solving,” was meant to maximize their potential. This was done through both complex and not so complex problems, and the students later came up with creative means to solve the problems. Some of these problems included giving students pieces of colored paper and asking them to create something out of them, as well as any additional creations they had in mind to make. This activity produced some hilarious results, with most being very creative and relevant to the theme of the day.

Emphasizing on the theme of the day, some classes came up with skits (which was done, surprisingly, within a short period of time). The students composed themselves throughout the entire time allocated for them, and the result left all the facilitators in awe! This kind of composure from the students was remarkable because it was only the second day.

The sports session amplified the whole experience of the day, with every student being as jovial as usual, and the cherry at the top of the cake being the green teams’ win over the day’s competition.

Well, the day had a few short comings, but in reflecting on all the events of the day, every student and teacher left camp a different person than they were when they first arrived, having learned so many new things.

 So, this day too was a day well spent. So, a dull day? …


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