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Kibera Camp Day 2- "Art is as natural as sunshine and as vital as nourishment," MaryAnn F. Kohl.

The children showed up on this breezy Nairobi morning all brisk and happy! We started the day with a song and dance before embarking on the activities for the day, with the theme being creativity. The children got to explore creating art, and they all drew some amazing pictures. Art with children this young is a pleasure, and very intimate as you only get the meaning of their pictures when they narrate to you what they are trying to portray. They told stories of their aspirations for the future, and also a few resounding themes, like police brutality, which happens in their community often. We encouraged them to go beyond their environment, to dream, and they soared!

Beauty was an understatement to describe the results of the bead making session. The children went all out to make their own bangles and proudly wore them for keeps. The children love dancing and never seem to tire of good music, and they had their moves on check.

We wound up the day's activities with practice in preparation for our Friday party. The excitement was palpable (who does not love a party?) and we were smitten. Indeed "art is as natural as sunshine..." Thank God for a perfect day in perfect company!

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