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Kibera Camp Day 3- "If we are to teach real peace in this world..."

As the community endured a lot of instability during the election period, the children were spectators who watched, and unfortunately absorbed, the actions of the adults and the community at large. Today was a day for healing.

The day started with devotion and a short study on what characterized instability and peace. Our emphasis was on living together in peace, and taking care of each other as a family. 

We held an activity that focused on their expressions of instability and peace. When asked to describe how they viewed instability, they portrayed children locked up in houses, parents fighting, and seeing children beaten. When asked to describe how they viewed peace, they portrayed women washing clothes together, sunshine, and playing together. 

To break the heavy theme they all colored a homestead to their preference and the results were outstanding.

After a lovely lunch they had a session in the field. Their energy was electric, to say the least, and wonderful to experience while we practiced the dance bit in preparation for the Friday presentation to the parents. ​

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