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Day 3: Peace War Peace

Getting closer and closer…

To God be the glory. Is there anything else that matters?

“Peace and war never coexisted and never will,” said one of the students to his teachers while they were starting classes. This came as a surprise because the lesson had not started yet. “Why do you say that?” asked the teacher, and the answer was even more surprising. I won’t mention what was said because I would want to leave the thinking to you, but what I will tell you is this, never had the facilitator ever seen such honest and realistic answers. The theme of the day was well set out with students drawing, writing, and speaking their minds about it.

Perhaps the best activity of the day was when classes seven and eight were divided into two groups, with each fraction representing peace and war respectively. The side that represented peace was asked to explain why peace was good for a country, and the side that represented war were asked to explain why war was better. Another surprising debate took place with, yes, you guessed it, the war group winning overwhelmingly, making me wonder whether our priorities in life were correct. Jokes aside, the response and immense knowledge from the students about the theme of the day was bewildering, and this was complimented with the fact that they never at one point took a political stance.

A guest speaker was brought in to talk with the higher classes, which was successful in the end. The children were also surprised with a puppet show, which was luckily not interrupted by the young children wanting to touch the puppet, or continuously asking where the puppets got their voices from.

What would the day be without some good old-fashioned sport competition? Yes, it was fun, and yes, everyone took part in it, but the best team won! Would you like to guess which team? I’ll give you a hint… there was the red team, green team, blue team, and yellow team. Maybe it was the team with your favorite color?

So, here is to another successful day, and I am pretty sure I have some more interesting things for you to read about tomorrow…so stay tuned! Oh! I almost forgot! I can’t leave without telling you another interesting event that happened today! In one of the classes, the facilitator asked the students about how types of drugs could be taken. PS: THIS IS NOT TO DEFAME THE STUDENT IN ANY WAY…. but we have a popular saying that goes “English came with the boats” (Kizungu ilikuja na meli), so the one student wrote down the names of the types of drugs correctly, apart from the word ‘Inhalants’, which was written down as ‘Inheritance’.  It was interesting to see, and helped to finish off another day filled with fun and learning! ​​

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